Asian ceremony customs

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There are many lovely customs to choose from if you’re planning an eastern wedding tradition. These rituals, which have a long story and are intended to unite spouses, individuals, and companions, have their roots in thousands of years.

In a conventional Korean service, the bride and groom don hanboks, which are beautiful, portable fabrics with plain ranges and no pockets. While cyan hanboks represent intelligence, purple ones stand for chastity and loyalty. The partners may also decide to don a black or white hanbok. Numerous rituals are performed during the kunbere festival, which is held at the household altar. Among them are toasts from guests and family members, band exchanges, and the couple’s vows.

Nice older girls assist the bride and groom in tying their hair with vibrant cotton threads before the ceremony. A group of female friends then lead them to the family shrine and present the bride and groom with two lotus grains or two powdered dates. After that, a family member serves them drink that has been poured into tumblers and fastened with crimson string. The few subsequently bows three days in adoration of heaven, their families, and their predecessors. There is then a feast.

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